Toofy's Place

Hi there!! My name's [redacted], but you can call me Toofy (they/them). I'm a poet and a huge computer nerd. I'm prone to all sorts of gender fuckery. I'm not convinced my real brain isn't stored somewhere on a server in the middle of New Jersey. I'm an adult with twenty-four teeth. I love reading, knitting, crocheting, cooking, making music, and wasting time. I hate order and fascism.

I made this website to divest from social media, in the hopes of becoming anti-social; not in the sense that I am unavailable and I have no friends, but in the sense that I'm moving against the status quo & doing something considered "weird." Just as the public internet began with the sites of a bunch of bespectacled basement-dwelling nerds, so too must it return. Except I don't live in a basement anymore. But whatever.